Cast of a Gorgosaurus skull fossil, which can be viewed in our paleontology exhibit.

The Blaine County Museum is indeed proud to be a stop on the Montana Dinosaur Trail, which includes 14 locations across the state. Our paleontology display features findings from the Judith River Formation, which includes hadrosaur, Gorgosaurus, and ankylosaur fossils. It also features fossils of gigantic marine reptiles, mosasaur and plesiosaur, and invertebrates that lived in the ancient ocean that covered this landscape 75-500 million years ago. Downstairs, the “Look, Touch, and Wonder” room offers visitors the opportunity to handle fossils of sea creatures, plants, and dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago.


We also sell the Montana Dinosaur Trail’s Prehistoric Passports in our bookstore ($5.00 ea.).